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Wealth Planning & Financial Priorities

Allocate funds as you plan for the future.

We help our customers create a plan for their lifetime capital needs, as well as their capital surplus. Together, we'll work with you to manage the accumulation, preservation, and distribution according to your long-term financial goals.

Investment Planning & Asset Management

Optimize your investment portfolio.

We provide education resources that enable clients to achieve their asset management objectives through a disciplined investment process. Through proper diversification and active management, we create, monitor, and adjust client portfolios to manage risks according to established goals and preferences.

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Managed investment agency

Receive ongoing management support.

BNC provides a complete array of investment planning and management services for Traditional and Roth IRAs and agency accounts. Explore your options with a team of trusted banking professionals.

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Traditional IRA

Open a Traditional IRA account.

Traditional IRA retirement accounts are for individuals who receive compensation included in gross income during the tax year. Earnings in a Traditional IRA grow tax deferred. All distributions from this account are generally subject to income tax unless non-deductible contributions were made into the plan.

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Roth IRA

Open a Roth IRA account.

A Roth IRA is a retirement account for individuals who receive compensation included in gross income. The contribution to this account is NOT deducted from taxable income. Distributions from these accounts are not taxable as long as the account has been open for five (5) years and the individual has attained the age of 59½ or takes a "qualified special purpose" distribution.

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Learn more about our company history and mission here at BNC National Bank and get to know our talented team of bankers ready and willing to assist you.

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