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Get your business off the ground with flexible loan options.

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Commercial real estate loans overview

Break ground on your business ventures.

Expanding your business ventures? Commercial real estate loans can be used to purchase new property for business purposes. We're here to walk you through the qualification and application process to get your business the funding required.

Real estate construction loans

Build the facilities of your dreams.

Get your business off the ground and operating smoothly. We offer real estate construction loans to manage the building costs associated with your business.

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Owner-occupied commercial real estate loans

Finance your new property stress-free.

Build equity in your commercial property. Our owner-occupied commercial real estate loan, also known as owner-user commercial real estate loan, offers flexible options to finance your new property.

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Non-owner occupied investment real estate loans

Make an investment in your property.

Fund your investment property or rental mortgage with a non-owner occupied investment real estate loan. This type of loan is intended for owners who do not plan to live in the property they rent.

Whitney Jurjevich, Owner, Ameripark Storage
In 2013 I was buying my first Self Storage property and BNC was the only bank that would lend to me. They took the time to listen and get to know me personally. They moved forward with conviction and helped me grow my business to several location across the state. They always find a way to make things work and get it done on time. They never try to fit me in their “box”. They listen, then figure out how to fit the box around me. The people, from top to bottom, are genuine and really care about helping their customers. For anyone looking to build a banking relationship I highly recommend working with the people at BNC Bank.

Susan L Cordts, CEO, Catalytic Health Partners, Inc
Before meeting Sean and Nick at BNC Bank, my banking perception was all banks are the same mediocre solution—no real interest in my business and lots of commitments with no follow up. They made commitments and did them; they provided solutions that were aligned to my business needs. This level of engagement and support has persisted throughout our time with the bank, not just the first 60-90 days of our becoming a customer. Everyone at BNC goes the extra mile to make you feel welcomed and known as a customer. With their support we have been able to expand across the state of AZ with our services. I recommend BNC Bank to all my business colleagues as a banking solution truly vested in the future and growth of your business.

Flip Isard, Founder/CEO, Frites Street Fries

My company has been able to scale and get the financing and help with sourcing new equipment

The relationship that Sean Ward has built with myself and my management team. He is committed to being a part of our team.

BNC is a bank but they have the human component that I haven’t found with other banks and businesses. We don’t feel like just a number in the system with BNC we feel like they care about our success and growth and are a part of the ride.

Eddie Hill, Owner, Hill Hockey
The professionalism and sincere care that Larry O’Malley and BNC Bank have towards our business and our family. We are BEYOND thrilled with our relationship with BNC Bank. We were able to get out of a high interest rate loan and into a rate that helps our business dramatically and with a pretty streamline process compared to other institutions we have worked with. The overall customer service and attention to detail is second to none. AMAZING! We opened our hockey rink in the middle of a worldwide pandemic when rinks across North America were closing. Financing was tough to come by. BNC believed in us and saw our vision to expand and the product we offer.

Dustin Leingang, Owner, Leingang Properties
I was having some challenges with my existing lender not seeming to understand our plan for growth which resulted in a lack of attention to our needs. The timing was perfect to check out another banking partner and relationships are key for us so we started working with BNC. The whole crew at the North Branch and the support staff at the main office who we deal with are always great.

With the help of Jason, Nate, Lisa and the team we've been able to grow our portfolio over 150% in the last two years. They understand our goals and help bridge the gaps between planning and accomplishing. 


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