Why "bnc.bank"?

Providing our customers with even greater online security 
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Q: What is ".bank"?
A: The “.BANK” extension is a domain with a higher level of mandated security than any other commercially available domain. The “.COM” world has become overcrowded and can be purchased by anyone, making it easier for criminals to phish and spoof emails. In order to provide our customers with even greater online security, we are making the transition from “.COM” to “.BANK”. Moving forward, our website can be authenticated simply by looking for the “.BANK” (rather than “.COM”) at the end of our url.
Q: How is ".bank" more secure?

A: BANK domain signifies the company has been verified as legitimate and has implemented the mandatory security requirements that go above and beyond industry standards. Only verified banks are allowed to use the .BANK domain. All banks using .BANK are monitored by the American Banking Association, Financial Services Roundtable, and other industry members for compliance on a regular and ongoing basis.
Q: What is the importance behind enhanced security?
A: As online security breaches continue to make headlines, we want to give you peace of mind when conducting financial transactions on our website. With the .BANK as a visual authentication, you can quickly confirm the website of ours is real. This authentication helps prevent potential threats leading to identity theft and financial fraud.
Q: What do I need to do differently now that you're a ".bank"?
A: Only our URL has changed (with this change comes additional security capabilities designed to keep your personal and financial information safe.) Our old “bncbank.com” URL will continue to redirect to “bnc.bank” but be sure to update your bookmarks accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our transition to “bnc.bank.”
Q: Will the old bncbank.com emails still work? 
A: Yes, these emails will still work but all outgoing emails will now be a bnc.bank extension. We encourage our customers to update their address books with the bnc.bank emails.