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"BNC clearly has a focus on the community. When we first got started they really cared about how successful we were and why it was important to us, and you can tell that they want us to get better. BNC really cared about us succeeding." 
Dan Polk, President/Owner - Silicon Plains 
Dan Polk, Silicon Plains owner

 "What BNC has to bring to Garrison is local support on a national level."
 David Jeffrey, Owner - Garrison Dairy Queen Restaurant
Garrison, ND business owner

"You get a one-on-one relationship like you can't get at a lot of large banks. As a small business owner you never know what's coming next so you need a flexible relationship with your bank. I would never bank anywhere else other than BNC."
Rhett Benning, Franchisee - Cold Stone Creamery


“It’s nice to know … we don’t have to worry about the banking or the financial aspect of owning the business.”
Doreen and Steve Kilde, Co-owners- Mainstream Boutique

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"The BNC team facilitated critical working capital infusions "PPP" during the pandemic. Our business in Europe and Latin America coupled with challenges in the U.S. markets resulted in our closings and overall pipeline to come to a halt. Team BNC worked around the clock including weekends to walk me through the PPP documentation and filings to finalize the funding. Today, our business is robust and the success of the paycheck program is a true statement of government and banking collaborating to stimulate U.S. business. 

Many thanks to the BNC Glendale Arizona." 
-Daniel J. Rice, GHC Advisors, LLC
Executive Chairman
"When the PPP loans first became available, we were unable to get an appointment with either of the two larger banks we had accounts with. Since there was a limit to the number of applications that would be processed, we reached out to David Tracy at BNC National Bank to assist us with the loan process. He and his team were responsive and persistent, and we were able to submit our application just before the limit was met. We never were contacted by the other banks so we would not have been able to receive a PPP loan if it had not been for the swift and diligent work of the BNC team.

We are tremendously grateful for their extraordinary efforts on our behalf."
-Laurie Ledgerwood, United Kung Fu & United Tai Chi
Program Director

"You learn the true value of a bank and its people during tough economic times. I have banked with BNC National Bank for over 15 years. From the beginning, BNC National Bank has always been there for my business. The personalized service I consistently receive is amazing. I am always treated with respect, and BNC is always concerned with how they can make my business and personal finances successful. As I went through the process of securing an SBA PPP loan, BNC worked an entire weekend to make sure I was approved and funded. I have never experienced this kind of service and commitment from a bank!

I want to thank everyone at BNC for their dedication to me and other customers, especially during these extremely difficult times. I truly appreciate all that BNC has done for me and my family over the years. I would highly recommend BNC National Bank to anyone."
- Brian W.

"With over 50 years providing quality potatoes to our customers; It takes a strong work ethic, good partnerships (like our relationship with BNC National Bank) and in this case a true dedicated family commitment to continue growing day to day."
-Joseph Holt, Sage and Sand Potato Processing Co., Inc.

"Starting your own business is difficult enough, but the financing of a startup can be extremely challenging. The entire staff at BNC made this process clear, concise, and expedited. Partnering with BNC National Bank to assist with our financing has helped our business grow to seven OrangeTheory Fitness locations and five AmeriCare locations with other franchisee ownership opportunities still available." 
-David and Matt Kafora, OrangeTheory Fitness
Business Partners
"When we learned we were mandated to shut our factory and retail stores we feared the worst. BNC National Bank was in constant communication with us throughout this incredibly difficult time and made us a priority as we learned about and then applied for the PPP loan program. Many of my business associates couldn't even get through to their bank and we felt that BNC and their entire staff made us not only a priority, but genuinely cared about how we were affected. We were approved and funded amongst the earliest recipients of PPP funds and retained all of our employees as a result."
-Michael Gregory, Creative Leather Furniture, Inc.
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